o365 SharePoint Online and File Sync Limitations


SharePoint Online, the cloud-based version of SharePoint provided by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft 365 suite, has certain limitations regarding file sync and synchronization. Here are some common SharePoint Online and file sync limitations:

  1. File sync with OneDrive: SharePoint Online integrates with OneDrive for Business to provide file sync functionality. However, there are limitations to be aware of:
    • Maximum number of synced files: The maximum number of files that can be synced per OneDrive for Business library is 300,000.
    • File size limit: The file size limit for syncing files to OneDrive for Business is 250 GB.
  2. File path length: SharePoint Online has a maximum file path length limit of 400 characters. This includes the full file path, including the site URL and the folder hierarchy. If the file path exceeds this limit, it can cause sync errors.
  3. File types and restrictions: SharePoint Online supports a wide range of file types. However, certain file types may have restrictions or limitations. For example, executable files (.exe) and some file types with specific security risks may be blocked or restricted.
  4. Concurrent editing and sync conflicts: SharePoint Online allows multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously. However, simultaneous edits to the same part of a document can result in conflicts during sync. SharePoint Online may not always be able to automatically merge conflicting changes, requiring manual resolution.
  5. SharePoint sync client limitations: The SharePoint sync client, also known as the OneDrive sync client or the Next Generation Sync Client (NGSC), has its own limitations. Some key limitations include:
    • Maximum file path length: The sync client has a maximum file path length limit of 400 characters, similar to SharePoint Online.
    • Sync client compatibility: The sync client is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, but there may be limitations or differences in functionality between the two platforms.
    • External sharing limitations: Files or folders shared with external users may not sync to their OneDrive for Business account, as external sharing is subject to different access and security controls.
  6. Sync performance and bandwidth: The sync process in SharePoint Online relies on network connectivity and can be affected by factors such as the speed and reliability of the internet connection. Syncing large files or a large number of files may impact network bandwidth and sync performance.


It’s important to note that Microsoft regularly updates its services, including SharePoint Online, and may change these limitations over time. It’s recommended to consult the official Microsoft documentation or refer to the SharePoint Online support resources for the most up-to-date information on file sync limitations and capabilities.

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