Streamlining SharePoint Add-In Installation with PowerShell


SharePoint add-ins, also known as SharePoint apps, are powerful tools that extend the functionality of your SharePoint sites and enhance collaboration. Installing these add-ins can sometimes be a manual process, but with the magic of PowerShell, you can automate and simplify the installation procedure. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps to install SharePoint add-ins using PowerShell, unlocking efficiency and convenience.

Understanding SharePoint Add-Ins

SharePoint add-ins are self-contained pieces of functionality that you can install to bring new capabilities to your SharePoint sites. These can range from custom web parts to integration with external services. While the installation process isn’t complicated, PowerShell provides a way to expedite the task and manage installations across multiple sites.

Installing SharePoint Add-Ins with PowerShell

1. Preparing PowerShell:

  • Ensure you have the SharePoint Online Management Shell installed.
  • Launch PowerShell with administrative privileges.

2. Connecting to SharePoint Online:

  • Run the following command to connect to your SharePoint Online environment:
Connect-SPOService -Url

3. Gathering Add-In Information:

  • You need the add-in’s App ID and the URL of the SharePoint site where you want to install it.

4. Installing the Add-In:

  • Use the following PowerShell script to install the add-in
  • Replace <AppID> with the actual App ID and <SiteURL> with the URL of the target site.
Install-PnPTenantApp -Identity <AppID> -Site <SiteURL>

5. Verifying Installation:

  • You can verify the installation by checking the “Site Contents” on the target site. The add-in should appear there.

Automating Batch Installations

If you have multiple sites where you need to install the same add-in, PowerShell makes it simple. Create a script that iterates through a list of site URLs and installs the add-in on each site. Here’s a basic example:

$AddInID = "<AppID>"
$SiteURLs = @("", "", "")

foreach ($SiteURL in $SiteURLs) {
    Install-PnPTenantApp -Identity $AddInID -Site $SiteURL

Conclusion: Optimizing Your Add-In Installations

Using PowerShell to install SharePoint add-ins streamlines your workflow and ensures consistency across installations. Whether you’re installing a single add-in or rolling out changes across multiple sites, PowerShell empowers you to do so efficiently.

Remember, PowerShell is a powerful tool, so use it with care. Double-check your commands, and ensure that you have the necessary permissions to perform the installations. With a little PowerShell magic, you’ll have your SharePoint add-ins up and running in no time, maximizing the capabilities of your SharePoint environment.

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