Create SharePoint list Item using Rest API via Power Automate


REST API is one of the greatest solutions to use if you want to modify SharePoint from Power Automate. SharePoint includes its own REST APIs that may be used to create sites, items, files, and folders, as well as to update existing sites, sites, and any SharePoint updates for which a REST endpoint is available. Sending REST API requests to carry out any action in SharePoint is possible by using the “Send HTTP Request to SharePoint” action. Yes, you can create lists through Power Automate.

Create SharePoint List Item

To add a new list item to a SharePoint list, Power Automate already has a built-in action named “Create Item,” but using the REST API call from Power Automate provides you greater freedom and control. For instance, selecting Create Item will not allow you to alter the hyperlink column with the name “Google” and the link Use the REST API in its place.

Add the “Send HTTP Request to SharePoint” action to your flow now, then set up your action as per the example below.

Now that’s another tip! Hope it helps somehow. Let me know if you have questions or just leave a comment if we missed something.

Happy SharePointing! #SharingIsCaring

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